A Mother’s Day Book Bag Gift

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day!

We have been looking at book bag ideas for children and teens. Today, let’s talk about a book bag for Mom.

Here are the steps to putting together a book bag she is sure to love.

  • Choose a sturdy re-usable gift bag.  gift bag
  • Add a box of her favorite tea or some flavored coffee she loves.
  • Include a cute mug that will remind mom (and kids) of the special gift.
  • Pick some mommy-child books. Crystal Bowman’s book My Mama and Me is a great choice. You could also include some picture books from the library about little ones and their moms. Picture books are a wonderful springboard for conversation. I can’t think of a mom who would not cherish time reading with her child about the special relationship of mommy and child. If you are unsure about what books to include, check with your children’s librarian for more ideas.
  • Remember some mommy time books. Wondering what books are new in the Christian market? The Christian Retailing’s Best list of finalists was announced this week.
  • Add a pretty colored tissue to paper to top it off.

The authors at the Christian Children’s Authors would like to wish each mom and each grandmother a lovely Mother’s Day.

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