Book Activities When Grandchildren Visit

Kids are counting down the days until summer vacation. Many are looking forward to time at Grandma’s house. Whether it is a cross-country visit, an occasional sleepover, or a daily time as mom and dad work, it is a marvelous opportunity for building book traditions.

My local library offers an activity-book bag for visiting children. They call them Special Delivery Bags for Children.

Maybe your library offers something similar. If not, you can create something to keep on hand that will provide a special book time when the grandchildren visit.

ty monkey

ty monkey

I remember visiting my grandparents when I was a young child. A large stuffed monkey, Monk, resided on a shelf in their closet. We loved it when my grandmother would reach up to that shelf to get Monk for us. As I prepared this post, I thought about Monk and how adding a stuffed animal buddy (who stays at Grandma’s house) would be a fun addition to a homemade activity-book bag and someone special to share book time with Grandma and grandchildren.

More Book-Activity Bag Ideas 

dog with red shades best idea ever


Has your family created book bags for Grandma’s house or to take along when traveling on vacation? We hope you will share your ideas with us.


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