Avoiding the “B” Word


The girls have been out of school for almost a month now. It’s usually around this time of year that I hear those two words every parent dreads, “I’m bored.” Here I am hoping for five minutes to grab a bite to eat and they are complaining about the luxury of sleeping late and not having homework. Really?

We are creatures of habit and, even though kids would never admit it, they enjoy the routines that the school year and sports bring in the fall.

So what is a busy working parent to do?



We have a chore chart that is posted on the refrigerator on a weekly basis. This gives the girls some direction on what needs to be done before they can lounge around watching NetFlix or Snapchatting with friends. (One of the good things about getting a puppy this year is the chore chart can include dog walks and feeding.)

When the girls were younger they enjoyed the summer reading program at the local library. Now they read at least one book over the summer for extra credit school work.

Here are some other ideas for kids and teens I found online:




It’s also a great idea to scope out Vacation Bible School programs in your area. VBS was a lifesaver for me when the kids were younger and they even went on to volunteer with elementary age kids once they were older.

What are some of your favorites ways to avoid boredom over the summer?

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