Bible Verse Activities for Kids-Acts 16:31

Bible Verse Activities for Kids-Acts 16:31 I remember memorizing Bible verses as a kid. My mom would make word puzzles and activities for them, and I loved it. Many of the ones I learned then are the ones that God most often brings to my mind today. I’ve tried to continue the habit as an adult, though I confess I’ve fallen far short of working on it as diligently or faithfully as I would like.

The importance of committing the Word of God to heart cannot be overstated, so I thought I would create some Bible verse memorization activity packs to help parents and teachers get little ones off to a solid start. I’ll be sharing a new one about every two weeks, and I hope you enjoy this series. Our first verse starts with one of the most profound promises in Scripture. “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved” (Acts 16:31 ESV). Activities include tracing and copying the verse, a word search, a word block activity, a simple unscramble, and a coloring page. Download your copy below.

Download – Bible Verse Memorization Activity Pack for Kids-Acts 16:31

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